The rules here are designed to add additional flexibility to the system and reduce bookkeeping.

Character Creation


All backgrounds have had their benefits removed. Instead, players may choose one of the following features:

  • Add a skill to your class skill list (must still be trained)
  • Add a +2 bonus to any skill
  • Gain an additional language

Game Play

Magic Item Dailies

There is no limit on the number of daily powers from magic items a character may use per day, as long as this is not abused.


As long as there is a light source in a room, you can see with no penalty.
Sunrods do not exist. Replace the sunrods in the adventurer’s kit with 10 torches
Lighting will still be fully calculated for purposes of Stealth.

Passive Perception

Instead of being 10 + Perception score, passive Perception will be 1d10 + Perception score, rolled after every milestone and every extended rest. This allows me to set the DC to detect traps lower without rendering them completely ineffective around high Perception characters.


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