House Fainth

Once the undisputed dominant house of Vor Shelath, House Fainth is but a shell of its former glory. Secret dragon cultists for generations, it was House Fainth that instigated the contract with Iere, allowing the dragon to gain full control over the city and surrounding environs. During Iere’s ascendancy, Fainth thrived and constructed several of the iconic monuments of Vor Shelath, namely the Iereium and the Lock. Yet, even Fainth’s devotion to their white deity did not spare it from Iere’s greed, and its fortunes were devastated with the rest of the city. When Iere was finally slain, Fainth’s recovered fortune and remaining assets were seized by the city as punishment for the House’s betrayal.

House Fainth is relegated to the Stone Ward, surrounded by poverty that the other houses believe serve as a reflection of its character. But this has only served to harden the house’s members’ resolve to retake their place at the head of Vor Shelath.


Estrel Fainth
Jezrael Fainth
Lecia Fainth
Phylacar Fainth

House Fainth

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