Revus Coldwald, proprietor of the Flowing Barrel Inn, has asked you to discover what is causing the nightmares and visions that haunt all those who stay at his establishment. He disclosed that he built the Flowing Barrel above the ruins to the sage Ahzrad‘s tower, against the advice of the city’s other residents.

He has asked the Garda for help, but they seem reluctant to engage in a ghost hunt when there are plenty of physical threats to chase down. He took his case to the Council, but the only one who has taken any interest in his case is Lady Nera, who sent her second to investigate. Since then, he has heard nothing.

Revus asks that, while you are exploring the sewers in pursuit of Bathylynn’s alabaster egg, you check for anything beneath his inn that could be the source for these problems, and put an end to it.

While in the sewers, you met a wererat who informed you that the kenkus who used to live in the sewers camped by the tower’s ruins, and that their residence had now been taken over by a tribe of kobolds.


Mystery of Vor Shelath JSchuler