Exiles of the Dragon God

Bathylynn, a priestess, has tasked the party with finding an alabaster egg, that she claims was stolen by kobolds two weeks ago as she made a pilgrimage to the Shattered Peak to construct a shrine to Bahamut. She informed you that the kobolds had made a home in the sewers, and she could lead you to a sewer entrance outside the city she saw them run to.

As the party searched for a better entrance with the assistance of the Garda, you also discovered that the kobolds had been stealing from the city’s warehouses, and had made off with some reagents for Otkin Utaalk‘s rimefire rockets. he promised to pay you full market price if you could retrieve his crates in time for Vor Shelath’s Liberation Festival.

After venturing through the sewers with the Garda’s directions and some assistance from a distrustful wererat, you arrived at the kobold warren, where you were engaged in a guerrilla-style battle against the reptilian denizens. A crudely drawn mural seems to have been the first bit of evidence that Bathylynn may not have been fully truthful with you back in the Flowing Barrel. You also encountered an imprisoned kenku named Itsu, who seemed to have a bit of familiarity with both the warren and the kobolds, who told you the kobolds had worshiped the egg for around a century.

Eventually, you reached the room with the alabaster egg, and met the wyrmpriestess Vyrvyr, who possessed powers far beyond what you would have expected of a kobold, and nearly wiped out the party single-handed.

With the egg in your possession, you discover that it seems to have a will of its own, and is urging you to venture further into the sewers to confront something that is “wrong.” Meanwhile, Bathylynn awaits your return to the Flowing Barrel.

Exiles of the Dragon God

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