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  • Phylacar Fainth

    A young boy, around 9-10 years old. Has a habit of stealing items from his family's estate to give to Raselia for her orphanage. Phylacar has extensive knowledge of the various tunnels and hidden passages that worm their way through the [[Stone Ward | …

  • Jezrael Fainth

    Jezrael is a member of [[House Fainth | House Fainth]] who, along with [[:lecia-fainth | Lecia Fainth]], appears quite comfortable walking around the Stone Ward in expensive and eccentric dresses. She was annoyed at the disappearance of the young [[: …

  • Lecia Fainth

    Lecia appears to be a younger sibling or cousin of [[:jezrael-fainth | Jezrael Fainth]], and she follows the lead of her slightly older relative.