Alabaster Egg


About a foot in height, this egg was found on a pedestal in the kobolds’ warren under the streets of Vor Shelath. At a cursory glance, it appears as though the egg is made of soft alabaster, however a more trained eye sees that it is definitely not made of stone, and seems to be organic in origin. There are no obvious markings on its surface. Under dim light, a blue-white glow is clearly visible emanating from the egg.

A brief glimpse of the egg as it was translucent revealed the interior contained a white dragon fetus with a crystalline shard by its forehead.

Those who have touched it so far have felt a compulsion. In the chamber where the party discovered the egg, there was a magic circle on the east wall that served as an arcane lock. Those who touched the egg have felt that there was something wrong beyond the lock, and that they should journey forth to eliminate whatever it is.

When Argent approached the egg to study it, he collapsed, and his familiar, Ralse, screamed and vanished.


In the ruins of Ahzrad’s tower, the party encountered a group of kenku aberrations performing a dark ritual to merge the world with the far realm. After defeating their beholder master, the egg released an energy wave that dissolved the far realm entities that had infected some of the party members, and then it erased the summoning circle the kenkus were using and sealed the rift between the two planes.

Scrambled Information
  • Bathylynn, a priestess of Bahamut, had tasked the party to recover an alabaster egg from the kobolds that matches this egg’s description. She says it was stolen from her two weeks ago.
  • Itsu claims that this egg has been in the possession of the kobolds for a hundred years, and that they have used it as a focus for worship during that time.
  • Before fighting the party in the egg’s makeshift temple, Vyrvyr referred to the egg as the Seal of Iere.
  • The kobold warren featured a mural, where an egg was a prominent feature.
  • Ferbin, a scholar with the Brothers of the White Scale, shared a legend that Iere had encased a part of her soul within one of her eggs for an unknown reason, and that it had been left as the focus of worship for a dragon cult. Over the decades, its size gradually decreased.

Alabaster Egg

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