Wogett Mimbly


The only elected official on Vor Shelath’s Council of Seven, Populum Wogett Mimbly came to the Flowing Barrel Inn for some face time with the city’s newest heroes. He invited them to participate in they city’s Liberation Day Parade alongside him, giving them official papers granting them access. He also wanted to enlist them in hunting down a group of thieves that stole various valuables and ledgers full of public business from his home. Mimbly believes it was the work of dragon cultists, and that those ledgers might be used for electoral blackmail of private citizens.

Mimbly is seen as either an isolationist or domestically-focused politician, depending on how charitable or contemptuous the viewer is. He is a law-and-order type, running on maintaining the strict controls between the city proper and the Stone Ward. Mimbly also displays an intense hatred of all dragons (except, perhaps paradoxically, Bahamut), stating that “there is only one kind of dragon; the bad kind.” This translates into all draconic creatures, including dragonborn.

Mimbly is being challenged for his seat by Ferris Carbur.

Wogett Mimbly

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