Wyrmpriest of Iere


Vyrvyr represented the final obstacle in the party’s quest for Bathylynn’s alabaster egg. She indicated her awareness of the party before they even entered her chamber, asking if those who ripped apart her warren in pursuit of the Seal of Iere were now skulking about like thieves in the night.

In the battle that rapidly followed, Vyrvyr displayed some impressive powers, such as a roar that sounded as if it came from a creature a hundred times her size. However, it wasn’t until she had fallen that her true power was revealed.

As Azael went to smite her, Vyrvyr did not attempt to avoid the blade. Instead, she allowed the paladin to run her through, and mocked the party for thinking that Iere would leave her chosen so weak. Vyrvyr’s blood burned with rimefire and then exploded, sending Azael, Tecumseh, and Thorin away before the frozen flames swirled and coalesced, forming a maelstrom of magical energy in the shape of a white dragon, with Vyrvyr at its center. She managed to fell Tecumseh, Thorin, and Green Boy before she was finally defeated.

The party found tanned hides in Vyrvyr’s quarters that indicate she had become consumed with the arcane circle on the east wall of the room where the kobolds kept the egg. Itsu claims that he was kept alive only so that he could aid the wyrmpriest in translating the very non-arcane symbols that were incorporated into the circle.


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