Oslo Sweedle


The party’s first encounter with Sweedle was through a cloud of smoke. Along with Spaz and Gaowin, Sweedle broke into the Flowing Barrel Inn while the party was asleep and made off with the alabaster egg. All hope of finding the halfling seemed lost, when he was spotted entering Towerhome.

Sweedle was captured, unarmed, during the fight. He claims to have been driven to a life of crime in order to provide for his many children. To avoid being slain, he informed the party that there is a 5,000 gold bounty on his head offered by the Garda, and he would be willing to split it with them, 50/50.

He claims to have given the egg to a woman wearing a red dragon mask in the Dragon’s Ward. He might have said more, but Green Boy beat him into unconsciousness.

Oslo Sweedle

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