Naviann Threlix


Naviann runs the Wyrm’s Head Tavern in Vor Shelath’s Dragon’s Ward. Her grandfather was once a member of Tiamat’s Hand under the White Avarice. Believing her grandfather’s rosy picture of the cult, Naviann joined at a young age and soon attracted the attention of the Black Avarice, who made her his second in command. Seven years ago, she became disillusioned in the Hand when her Avarice sent her to track down a run away noble child, who had been groomed to be a human sacrifice.

Naviann began cooperating with the Garda, and was able to expose the Blue Avarice. For her efforts, her sentence for working with the Hand was commuted. Instead of facing death, she was given the choice of exile or permanent house arrest. She chose to remain in the city, and the authorities forged an enchanted, solid metal collar around her neck. The scars from the intense heat of the metal still circle her throat.

Populum Mimbly does not seem to like her, and Naviann indicated that he keeps her as a “pet” to bring out whenever he feels the need to expound to the public on the threat of dragons and their ilk. Despite this treatment, Naviann supports Mimbly’s political aspirations, stating that while the human may have too long of a memory, his opposition, Feris Carbur, has no memory at all.

Naviann Threlix

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