Itsu is from a distressed kenku clan around the area of the Shattered Peak. Strange, threatening creatures have been emerging from the ruins, and the clan is looking to relocate. Itsu was sent to Vor Shelath to find the clan’s city-dwelling cousins. Unfortuantely for Itsu, the Shelathian kenku seem to have vanished without trace, replaced by a rival tribe of kobolds, likely fleeing the same threat, who promptly captured him.


The PCs found Itsu being tormented by a pair of kobolds in the sewers beneath Vor Shelath. After Green Boy killed off the torturers, Itsu proved very grateful, asking Typhon to protect them with his glorious wings, though he still required the party’s help in clearing an exit. He provided all the information he could on the layout of the warren. When asked about Bathylynn’s egg, Itsu showed confusion, stating that he knew of only one egg in the kobolds’ possession, and it was an egg that the kobolds had been worshiping for a century or more.

With the defeat of the kobold wyrmpriestess, Itsu helped the party recover from their wounds. He was also instrumental in providing information on the thieves’ script that was incorporated into a large arcane lock on the wall.

Itsu also seemed to recognize Green Boy as being a member of a group of elves called the Faerlin, citing the elf’s unusual eyes as bearing the scar of one exposed to something called the black water.


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