Dragon Tyrant of Vor Shelath


Ancient white dragon.


During the decline of Nerath, the great frostwyrm Iere took advantage of the empire’s waning power and claimed Mount Solanus as its lair. From this position, Iere controlled the pass through the Dawnforge Mountains that linked Vor Shelath with the rest of the continent. Her horde grew substantially in the first few years, as nearly every caravan was raided. Eventually, people learned to avoid the pass entirely, and Vor Shelath withered.

With the trade route closed, Iere’s horde stayed frustratingly unchanged. However, an envoy from House Fainth soon arrived with a proposition to sate her greed. Fainth would organize caravans through the pass, bearing standards with Iere’s symbol on them. Iere would raid any caravan that did not bare those standards, while Fainth would pay tribute to the great frostwyrm for safe passage.

The pass was open once again, and both Iere and House Fainth prospered. However, instead of satisfying Iere, the influx of new wealth simply poured oil on her burning avarice. For the first time, she coveted the city itself, and she set about claiming it. Iere insisted on appointing the head priests of Vor Shelath’s now open and thriving dragon cult, granting her a power base independent of Fainth. She also manipulated Fainth into constructing great works, such as the Iereium and the Lock, in her name, as well as holding religious celebrations that praised her power over the citizens.

The gnoll invasion offered the last piece for Iere’s power grab, as she single handedly prevented the horde from moving through the pass, sparing the city of the worst of Nerath’s fall. The display of overwhelming force against what had seemed like an unstoppable opponent brought the city to heel. Those who were not entwined in Iere’s worship were awed into submission, and Iere demanded that she be made queen of the city with a crown of her own making.

As Vor Shelath’s ruler, Iere’s first order was that the valuables of the noble families be kept in the Lock, to protect the city’s wealth from any gnoll raiders that continued to threaten the area. The Lock, however, was a trap that transported the wealth to Iere’s lair. Almost overnight, most of the city’s noble houses went broke, and became dependent on Iere’s good graces to avoid starvation.

Vor Shelath descended into darkness, as Iere pillaged its resources and delighted in manipulating the Council to pit the houses against one another. But, the very wealth Iere had looted began to attract adventurers who sought fame and fortune in the dragon tyrant’s death. These adventurers would organize into the Brothers of the White Scale, and they would be Iere’s undoing.

80 years ago, the Brothers of the White Scale assaulted Iere’s mountain fortress on Mount Solanus, using dwarven know-how and gnomish explosives to bring the mountain down on top of her, liberating the city. While much of the treasure was recovered, even more remains buried in the rubble of what is now referred to as the Shattered Peak.


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