Priestess of Bahamut




Bathylynn was seeking to found a shrine to Bahamut by the Shattered Peak when she was ambushed by kobolds. While she managed to defend herself from the attack, the sacred relic she was carrying, an alabaster egg, was stolen. Bathylynn contacted the PCs in the hopes that they would retrieve it, avoiding any embarrassment that she might incur if she asked her order for help.

When the characters confronted Bathylynn in the Flowing Barrel about inconsistencies in her story, and indicated they would not hand the egg over willingly, the inn’s patrons immediately formed an angry mob that believed the PCs were threatening her. Sharp eyes deduced that the mob had been bewitched.

Bathylynn attempted to issue a simple ultimatum: surrender the egg, or the innocent patrons die. However, a magical seal appeared on her forehead and crackled with lightning, sending excruciating pain through her form. Bathylynn cursed her fortune and was heard to mutter “she worded that too well.” When the priestess regained her composure, she offered a new deal to the party: let her leave, or the innocent patrons die. The party accepted the conditions, and Bathylynn walked out the front door as the mob slowly came to their senses.

However, Green Boy taunted her as she walked away from him. “You better hope we don’t meet in a forest!” But when Green Boy blinked, she had vanished from his sight.

“Be careful what you wish for,” came Bathylynn’s voice from directly behind him. Green Boy turned, but saw no one there.


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