Mystery of Vor Shelath


80 years ago, the Great Frostwyrm Iere, dragon tyrant of the city of Vor Shelath, met her end when members of the Brothers of the White Scale brought her mountain lair down on top of her. Since then, the city prospered. But now, the dragon’s grave has been disturbed, and creatures that once called its collapsed tunnels home find themselves chased out, forced to find new accommodations.

You are staying at the Flowing Barrel Inn, a once successful establishment in the city, renowned for its fine food, selection of ales, and warm beds. Now, it sits cursed, a place where the brave and foolish come to stay the night. A notice for work brought you and a crowd of would-be heroes to this forsaken place. By dawn, only a handful of you remain, the rest driven off by nightmares and visions.

You wait in the tavern with the other survivors, reminiscing about past adventures and commiserating over the rough night, when the door swings open. Your client has arrived.



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