Mystery of Vor Shelath

Exiles of the Dragon God (Part III)

The party swung open the door to be greeted by an icy obstacle course. Four wood and iron pillars rotated in the main section of the room, driven, you presumed, by the two water wheels along the northern and southern walls. Periodically, they would release a blast of alchemically chilled air, coating every surface in their immediate vicinity with a sheen of ice. Iron bars bisected the room, with a frozen iron gate, continuously blasted by the pillars, the only way to the other side. A lone kobold, perhaps the first victim of this lethal mechanism, stood in perfect stillness before the door.

You had little opportunity to study and thwart the device before a kobold entered the room behind the iron bars. Seeing you, it warned the others that the intruders had survived their encounter with Nuhrchauk, and someone should alert someone called Vyrvyr. At that point, the warren was back on alert, and the party was harried by kobolds and drakes from all sides as they tried to pass the freezing pillars.

Bravely, or perhaps foolishly, Avelis teleported to the other side of the bars, allowing him to deal with the door without risk from the blasts of cold. Unfortunately, it also cut him off from support from the rest of the party, and left him vulnerable to a band of kobolds entering from the north. Tecumseh braved the ice and attempted to stop one of the water wheels, but the minotaur found the devices a challenge, and was soon distracted by several archers firing weakening poisons. The rest of the party held off the assault, and eventually convinced the kobolds that their continued health relied on a speedy retreat.

With the living threat gone, Avelis was able to open the door and found half of Utaalk’s missing reagents, while Green Boy and Argent circled around another path to the south in an attempt to bypass the traps. The two came upon a hatchery, where small kobolds were busily moving eggs into pipes along the eastern wall. Showing mercy, the two stayed their hands and allowed the young kobolds to depart in safety. However, some in the party were hungry for revenge/omelets. A check of the hatchery found no remaining kobold eggs, but three viable drake eggs. The party decided to hold onto them, to either sell them or hatch and train them.

With the party regrouped, the only other option was to head west, towards the chamber that Itsu told you held the alabaster egg. Green Boy scouted through one of the pipes, seeing only three kobolds that appeared to be worshipping the egg, which had been placed on a pillar above a large pile of coins and other valuables. As you prepared to burst in, hoping to catch the kobolds off guard, the staff-wielding priestess in the middle, Vyrvyr, spoke, taunting your caution and urging you to fight her for the “Seal of Iere.” And fight you did, rapidly slaying her two guards before Azael went to land the final blow on her.

Calling down his divine might, Azael went to run Vyrvyr through. But, too late he noticed that the kobold had made no effort to defend herself from his blow. As her blood ran out along Azael’s blade, Vyrvyr laughed. “Did you think the chosen of Iere would be so defenseless?” she asked, as her blood turned into rifefire before exploding around her. Azael, Tecumseh, and Thorin were sent flying away. The rimefire coalesced into a maelstrom of energy in the shape of a dragon, with Vyrvyr at its center. In a matter of seconds, Vyrvyr dispatched Tecumseh, Thorin, and Green Boy before finally succumbing to the fires of Avelis’s magic. The kobold threat was no more, leaving you alone with the object of your quest: the alabaster egg.

Azael, Paladin of Bahamut, thought it appropriate that he be the one to retrieve the egg. However, upon taking it he was overcome with a desire to venture forth, beyond the western wall of the room, which was emblazoned by a cryptic arcane lock. The rest of you also became interested in both the egg and this lock. Green Boy discerned that, while the egg could easily be mistaken for alabaster, it was in fact organic in nature. Avelis had no luck in determining anything beyond a vague sense of magic emanating from the egg. Argent, however, had a more violent reaction, as he passed out before he could even give a passing examination, with Ralse screaming and vanishing before Argent even hit the ground.

After Argent had recovered, Itsu emerged from a side room to congratulate you on your accomplishment and offer his thanks and assistance in healing your wounds. During this interaction, Itsu noticed something unusual about Green Boy’s eyes that caused the kenku to ask if Green Boy was a member of a reclusive elf tribe called the Faerlin. Itsu explained that Green Boy’s eyes had the appearance of someone who had been exposed to the black water plague, which devastated the Faerlin some forty years ago before Itsu’s clan found them and cured the illness. The kenkus also helped the Faerlin track down and slay the source of the plague: dark spirits that had infested the elves’ forest.

Itsu also provided what knowledge he could on the strange markings incorporated into the arcane lock. He explained that the symbols were part of a script used by his missing brethren, representing both letters and numbers. The reason he survived for as long as he did as a captive of the kobolds was due to Vyrvyr’s interest in those symbols, and he used his knowledge to make sure he was more valuable alive than dead.

With Itsu’s help and Azael’s translation of Vyrvyr’s research, Avelis, Sorin, and Argent were able to figure out the command word that released the lock, “Dreams Beyond,” and reveal a hidden passageway.

Your work in the sewer is not yet complete. The alabaster egg calls for you to venture forward and eliminate that which is “wrong” beyond the lock, and Revus Coldwald still hopes that you will find the source of the Flowing Barrel’s curse.



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