Mystery of Vor Shelath

Exiles of the dragon God (Part II)

At the death of Ralse, the party was not eager to rush into combat. Avelis used his fey abilities to teleport past a blocked pipe and further scout out the situation, gaining you precious information on the upper level of the room. But, the few extra minutes you spent in preparation was also used by the kobold guardians, and would nearly cost Argent his life.

For the sorcerer made a break for the nearest staircase, leaving the rest of the party behind and forgetting that he was dealing with kobolds, who just love to trap things. Before he knew it, the stairs were covered in recently-ignited burning oil, and he was stuck in the flames. A poisoned arrow knocked him unconscious within the inferno, and it was a race against time for Tecumseh to revive him.

When you thought the stakes could not get any more dire, the kobolds gained a wave of reinforcements in the form of several rodents of unusual size and javelin-chucking minions.

Somehow, though, despite my best efforts, you persevered, and those kobolds that were not sliced in twain fled with their meager lives.

Afterwards, the party was faced with a choice: travel down the corridor the rats emerged from, or examine a large, locked door. Unable to resist the allure of sturdy oak and well-crafted hinges (except for Thorin, who seemed to have a strong aversion to them), you went for the door. You noticed that the walls around the door had some strange markings that must have been decades old. Argent recognized them as some form of thieves’ cryptography, though he could make no sense of their meaning.

Satisfied that the markings were not magical in nature, and that they wouldn’t kill you for messing with the door, Thorin and Tecumseh pushed into the room beyond and were immediately attacked by an old, bolt-throwing homunculus. The dilapidated construct proved little challenge for the heroes, who actually showed far more concern with a collection of barrels that were strewn around the room, as well as four floor grates.

As Green Boy set to the task of lighting the barrels on fire (some filled with oil, some filled with rotting vegetable and animal matter), Tecumseh and Thorin decided to dump the remaining contents down the grates, at which point you discovered the grates were removable and led to a massive chamber underneath. Presented with something far more interesting to do, our heroes stopped messing around with random casks, tied ropes to convenient iron handles in the wall, and descended.

It was not long after the entire party descended that they learned the true purpose of the chamber: to house a massive carrion crawler the kobolds referred to as “Nuhrchauk,” the Green Ugly. And not long after that you regretted not finishing up with the barrels, as a wave of kobolds poured in to the upper room to harass your efforts against their unusual pet.

Taking stock of the situation, Thorin, the party’s lone active defender (at the time), opted to leave the HUGE aberrant beast to the squishiest members of the party by climbing back up the rope to attack some piddling humanoid reptiles. Fortunately, he was joined by Sorin, as more kobold reinforcements arrived to harry the dwarf.

Back in the lower chamber, things were looking grim, as Nuhrchauk wasted no time in taking down Avelis, and then turned on Tecumseh. The brave minotaur managed to revive the fallen wizard before succumbing to the crawler’s poisoned tentacles himself, leaving Avelis, Argent, and Green Boy to run for their lives while plinking away at the green monstrosity. Just as Nurhchauk was bearing down on Argent to give the sorcerer his second encounter with death that day, Green Boy pierced the crawler’s heart with an arrow, bringing the creature down.

The death roar of Nuhrchauk distressed the remaining kobold above, who had succeeded in bringing Thorin his first near-death experience. Unwisely, he fled to the nearest grate to witness the beast’s demise, only to be tossed down the hole by Sorin.

Beaten and exhausted, you decided that the room, though fetid, was defensible enough to rest in, provided you could convince the remaining kobolds that you had actually been defeated. You propped the corpse of Nurhchauk up in the center of the room, and retreated to one of the corners out of sight, managing to rest without incident.

The next day, you emerged from the chamber and into an access tunnel, where a crude mural had been drawn, depicting the kobolds acquiring an egg from a dragon, driving back an oncoming horde of monsters, fleeing with the egg to the city, and worshiping it. Muffled cries of pain from the north grabbed your attention, and Green Boy and Avelis moved to investigate.

The sound originated from a pipe much like the ones that the kobolds use to move through this place. However, the far end was completely barred off. On the other side of the bars was a shackled and gagged kenku being tormented by a pair of kobold guards. Green Boy dispatched the two without incident, and you freed the crow-man, who was most grateful. He introduced himself as Itsu, and told you what information he could, including drawing a crude map for you. When asked about Bathylynn’s egg, he seemed confused, and insisted that the kobolds did possess something like you described, but that it had been in their possession for a century, and that it lay just beyond the door to his cell.

However, blocked by steel bars, that might as well have been on the other side of the world. Unable to help Itsu further, Green Boy and Avelis returned to the party.

You are standing by a wooden door, the sound of groaning wood, punctuated by regular thuds comes from the other side. Itsu described this room as an old training ground for the kenku clan that used to live here, but he is unsure if the kobolds have done anything to it.



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