Mystery of Vor Shelath

Exiles of the Dragon God (Part I)

The party responded to a mysterious summons, requesting that you stay at the Flowing Barrel Inn overnight, an establishment that, two weeks ago, gained a reputation for being cursed. Not a single soul slept soundly that night, and you all experienced strange visions. In the morning, you questioned the owner, Revus Coldwald, about the curse. You learned that 30 years ago, a tower belonging to the sage Ahzrad stood at this very spot. The sage was renowned for his treaties on astrology and his expertly crafted homunculi, but he eventually grew insane and cursed the young daughter of one of Vor Shelath’s noble families. The tower was raided and razed, and the land left undeveloped until 10 years ago, when Revus, against the advice of the city’s residents, built his inn.

The party was deeply invested in this mystery, and you started to make plans to tear the inn down, erect some cranes, and start the month-long process of digging out the foundation to see if you could get to the tower’s underground remains, when the person who summoned you walked through the Flowing Barrel’s doorway. Her name was Bathylynn, an Eladrin priestess of Bahamut with healthy assets and not much to cover them. She said that she had been on her way to found a shrine to the Platinum Dragon at the Shattered Peak when she was ambushed by kobolds. While she managed to fight them off, the crafty reptiles stole the sacred relic Bathylynn carried: an alabaster egg. The priestess tracked the kobolds to Vor Shelath’s sewers, and promised you 200 gold if you retrieved the artifact for her.

The party, motivated by virtue and not impure thoughts, readily agreed to help. Upon hearing that you were going to brave the sewers, Revus asked that the party explore under the Flowing Barrel, to see if you could find the source of the establishment’s curse while you were down there. Surprisingly, the flat-chested male managed to enlist the aid of our heroes, and in exchange he directed you to speak with either Caineth Aldread of the Garda, or Van Nath, the nexus of Vor Shelath’s criminal underworld, to get a better handle on the location of the kobold warren and how to reach it. At the direction of Azael, the party’s tiefling paladin, you chose to go with Caineth.

The party also learned that the city’s alchemist, Otkin Utaalk, had been robbed by the kobolds of some reagents for his rimefire fireworks. He offered to pay for the return of two crates, worth a total of 200 gold.

In the sewers, the party faced a myriad of challenges, including an improbable 30-foot-wide river, magic wards, and an anti-social wererat, who Green Boy managed to gain the trust of through the wererat’s pet fire beetle, Ember. The wererat informed Green Boy that, indeed, the kobolds did nest near the ruins of the sage’s tower.

It was not long after that you found the warren, and battled swarms of blood-sucking stirges and the kobold’s outer sentries, who poured out from the surrounding pipes. Victorious, you prepare to go deeper, approaching the entrance to a large room. Unfortunately, you have just seen your scout—Argent’s demonic familiar—disappear in a flash of flame and smoke when an arrow pierced him from the north.



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